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Do You Have Trees Taking Over Your Yard? We Can Help!

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Tree Removal

When a tree goes into decline, it can become a hazardous situation quickly.

Dying Trees Can Be Hazardous

Hazardous trees must be removed. They endanger people or structures. When you need a tree removed you should rely on a professional.

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Tree Trimming

There are many different types of tree trimming. Call a professional

Beautifully Landscaped Trees

Trees for the most part can take care of themselves, however, when people and trees come together – this is when tree trimming is necessary.

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Stump Grinding

Tree stump grinding can seem like a backbreaking, tedious process.

Say Goodbye to Stumps

A large, stubborn stump is not only an unsightly blight on your property, it can also become an obstacle to your home and the value of your home.

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Storm Clean Up

When a storm comes through with high winds a lot of “tree debris” can be left behind.

Goodbye Tree Debris

A few small twigs here or there are not a big deal, but if you have large branches or limbs in your yard or on your roof, they need to be removed.

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When you hire A Cutting Edge Tree Service for your tree service needs you’re hiring the very best tree care experts. We offer safe, professional, reliable and dependable services for residential, commercial and municipal clients. We have the knowledge and experience needed to solve any tree-related problem you encounter and pride ourselves on our excellent quality of work.


Our Core Values

Personalized service, integrity, good old-fashioned hard work

Our Home Owners Say

“I was very impressed with the professional work Jason Anglin and his company A Cutting Edge performed at my home in Rye. We had numerous trees standing next to our home and power line that ranged fifty to seventy five feet high. He removed nine trees and trimmed others without leaving anything for me to clean up. He was gentle on my yard, worked safely and did the work efficiently. I highly recommend Jason and his company.”

Jim Hadley • Homeowner

“Jason and Jeremy at A Cutting Edge Tree Service did an amazing job cutting down our dead 75ft ponderosa pine tree! We feel safer knowing the wind won’t blow it down on our home or our neighbor’s. Thanks for your hard and professional work!”

Sara Griffith • Homeowner

“I want to let everyone know that A Cutting Edge Tree Service should be the first call you make for any service that they offer, they removed a tree for me, and they were fast and raked and removed the branches. Removing that tree made the house and yard, looking better than when I bought the house.”

Rick Fern • Homeowner

“I want to thank Jason and the guys for doing such a great job on my trees! It opened up my yard so I now have sunshine and it made the trees hanging in my yard and dropping branches all the time look so much more healthy! The trees are huge, and had a lot of dead branches. They are a great bunch of guys and do a great job! The clean up was also excellent! Very professional crew! Thanks so much! This company was an excellent choice!”

Donna Cooter • Homeowner

Creating Beautiful Trees 

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